Trainspodding: 5 Years of The JL Show

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of our first episode, we take a look back at our historic 250-episode run and celebrate the legacy of “the worst podcast of all time”. Continue reading Trainspodding: 5 Years of The JL Show


JL243: Insert Title Here

Note: The recording of JL243 was damaged, so apologies for the very poor audio quality this week. To compensate, we are treating you to a lost episode from 2012 at the start of this podcast. —————– Insert Description Here, as the gang (namely Lu, Shane, Eoghan, Michael and Li Lu) bring you a painfully generic episode of The Podcast That Absolutely Has To Reach 250 … Continue reading JL243: Insert Title Here

JL242: Have A Nice Evening

The ninth-to-last episode of The JL Show is live from the Mikemobile as Lu, Michael, Johnny and Li Lu make an unnecessary excursion on a sunny midweek afternoon. Hear Lu’s review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, welcome discussion of uncharacteristically womanly topics, Mike’s SnapGaeilge and PEEEEEEEENO NOOOOOOIIIIIIR! Enjoy the podcast… while you still can 😦 Continue reading JL242: Have A Nice Evening

JL240: Ireland

On Easter Monday, 1916, a group of brave men and women took action against British tyranny and changed Ireland forever. 100 years later, the not-so-brave men and women of The JL Show celebrate the centenary of their homeland’s freedom and the imminent St. Patrick’s Day with a special commemorative episode. The national anthem shall be sung! Poems shall be read! Is eipeasóid stairiúil é. Ná ní … Continue reading JL240: Ireland

JL239: The One Where The Pod’s Existence Is Questioned… By A Woman!

Another week, another Friday, another greeeeeeaaaaaaat episode of The Podcast That’s Hanging On Until It Reaches 250 Episodes In A Few Months. Luke, Killian, Michael, Shane, Anna, Li Lu and guests bring you an extensive and loud edition featuring tales of quizzing, a 1916 celebration preview and the slow destruction of Lu’s psyche. What are you waiting for? Hit PLAY! Continue reading JL239: The One Where The Pod’s Existence Is Questioned… By A Woman!

JL237: Gently…

Join Lucien, Killian, Michael, Shane, Eoghan, Li Lu and guests for a fun-filled edition of the podcast that’s high in self-indulgence and low in entertainment value. Ireland elects its new TDs, but not a government. The Oscars happened… and even Lucien hardly cares. SnapChat add a face-swap feature, and everybody loses their minds. All this and more, only on The JL Show! Continue reading JL237: Gently…

JL236: Lá Vótála

The day has come. Ireland heads to the polls to (try to) elect the new government, and we bring you a thrilling new episode. Killian and Lu host a special edition of The Pat Kenny Show, featuring several major political figures, Luke gets up at 6.30am to be the first to vote and we replay Mike and Lu’s 2015 interview with a JL-endorsed candidate. The thrills, the shocks! It’s all to be found on JL236. Continue reading JL236: Lá Vótála

JL235: Massive Election

Join Luke, Michael, Eoghan, Johnny, Killian and guests for The JL Show’s coverage of the 2016 Irish General Election. We break the Broadcast Moratorium by giving our opinions on the 20 local candidates and the final Leaders’ Debate, and Luke hosts the return of This Week In JL Show History. Stay tuned for more top-class election coverage in the coming days.   Continue reading JL235: Massive Election

JL234: So Many More Doorknobs!

Get outta the way! Luke, Mike and Shane are cruising into town in the Mikemobile, and they mean business! Join the fabulous trio for the hilarious new episode, as they collect a special doorknob delivery from Parcel Motel, review the 2016 General Election posters, pay tribute to the late Terry Wogan and get excited for Season 2 of Better Call Saul.   Continue reading JL234: So Many More Doorknobs!

JL233: Thugs

Join Luke, Michael, Shane, Killian, Eoghan and Johnny for the latest episode of The JL Show. We open with Luke’s unintentionally racist 2010 World Cup anthem, take a ride in the Mikemobile, celebrate Killian’s 1-year anniversary on the show, say goodbye to Xtra-Vision, join the search for a robber in a “Chilling Hulk Mask” and revisit a classic Chuck Grassley tweet. This is the pod … Continue reading JL233: Thugs

JL228: Podcast of the Century

It’s 2016, and the The JL Show is back to entertain you one last time with our final run of 23 episodes before we wrap up the show later this year. Join Luke, Shane, Eoghan, Johnny and Darragh for a review of the holidays, a preview of the year ahead and loads of the usual crazy, kooky stuff you love so much!   Continue reading JL228: Podcast of the Century

JL226: Merry Christmas 2015!

It was Christmas Day, babe. On the podcast. An old man said to me “You won’t see another one”. And then we sang a song- “Sparrow” to be specific. And karaoke too. And dreamed of Santa Claus. Join Luke, Eoghan, Michael and Shane for the final ever Christmas Day episode of The JL Show, featuring karaoke, an original Christmas song and the delivery of gifts. … Continue reading JL226: Merry Christmas 2015!

JL225: Star Wars

Luke (not Skywalker), Michael, Eoghan and Shane sit down for a moderately spoilery review of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, featuring discussion of beloved characters’ fates, Chewbacca’s physical comedy, Oscar Isaac’s handsomeness and John Williams’ beautiful new score. Visit to read Lu’s full review of the film!   Continue reading JL225: Star Wars

JL224: The Pod Awakens

The most anticipated film of our lifetime, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is finally about to arrive, and you can bet your plastic lightsaber replica that we’re gonna get hyped about it. Join Luke, Michael, Shane, Johnny, Eoghan, special guests and- in his final JL appearance of 2015- Killian for an epic preview of J.J. Abrams’ movie, featuring an A-Z of Star Wars, screenplay and … Continue reading JL224: The Pod Awakens

JL221: So Much Life!

The Pod Awakens, our special Star Wars-themed series of episodes, has begun, and hence we present an episode with almost no Star Wars discussion whatsoever. Instead is a hilarious Lu-free show featuring Michael, Shane and Johnny discussing their alternative Movies of the Year lists (Ted 2 features prominently), Adele’s new album, Downton Abbey, the specifics of Lu’s contract, Chicken Fajitas, the best episodes of Community … Continue reading JL221: So Much Life!

JL220: Choco Duo

Hey girlos! It’s Michael’s birthday bash this week on The JL Show, as our hosts gather round to celebrate and discuss U2 san O2, the Toy Show, Obesity, 3 Weeks To Star Wars, novelty domain names and Luke’s damaged voice. They also play Intimate Partner Generator and This Week in JL History. It’s a great episode, despite the unbearable level of background noise!   Continue reading JL220: Choco Duo

JL219: Michael’s Women

The people who bring you The JL Show bring you The JL Show. The month of December looms, and with it comes the prospect of both Star Wars and Christmas. On this week’s episode: Luke and Shane sneak into an Italian selfie, we hear from Vladimir Putin, gay marriage finally becomes law in Ireland and much much more! Continue reading JL219: Michael’s Women

JL218: Planets

Luke, Killian, Darragh and Calum host a live show on a Friday evening, discussing Star Wars opening crawls, Christmas slasher films, African languages and other relatively trivial subject matter. News began to break midway through the broadcast of the tragedies that were unfolding in Paris, and this episode hence concludes with US President Barack Obama’s initial statement on the occurrences. Continue reading JL218: Planets

JL217: Interstellar Ebola Steve Jobs Spectre Newt Scamander Sex Tape Strikes Back!

Luke, Michael, Shane and Johnny celebrate the one-year anniversary of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, the release of Spectre and the start of November with a hilarious new episode! How did the gang celebrate Halloween? Is the latest Bond movie any good? Does Star Wars and Fantastic Beasts‘ promotional artwork signify that more disappointing films are coming our way? The answers to these questions may surprise you! Continue reading JL217: Interstellar Ebola Steve Jobs Spectre Newt Scamander Sex Tape Strikes Back!

JL215: Halloween

In the second part of our extended Halloween live special, Luke is joined in JLHQ by Eoghan as they continue podding with special guests Killian, Darragh and Calum. JL215 includes Luke and Killian’s karaoke, the search for cheap custom wristbands, the wisdom of a “poems book” and a moderately offensive quiz. Sounds thrilling, huh? Continue reading JL215: Halloween

JL214: The Jewels Show

Luke, Killian, Darragh, Eoghan, Johannes, Shane and more host the first half of an epic two-part Halloween live show. What was Trick-or-Treatin’ like in Darragh’s USA childhood? Why is the French homework so difficult? Who was responsible for Chris Christie’s faulty switches? What negative reviews were published of Interstellar? Is Jewels a real person? Find out the answers to some, if any, of these questions … Continue reading JL214: The Jewels Show

JL211: In The Bushes

It’s time for the latest episode of The JL Show, as the gang search the bushes for a missing ball and discuss topics interesting and not-so-much under the watchful eye of the prison authority. Will Class Waugh generate support? Why is Shane’s cinema-going record so bleak? Does tradition dictate that a phone shall break today? Why isn’t David Cross in the fourth Alvin and the … Continue reading JL211: In The Bushes

JL210: Morrissey

It’s a bumper-sized, star-studded episode of The JL Show as Luke, Killian, Darragh, Michael, Eoghan, Johnny, Pablo and special guests dig into the first two days of October with their sharp teeth. There’s talk of Marty Morrissey, SP Morrissey, White Smoke, Mexican festivities, illegal filming, Johannes’ birthday, Matt Damon, high-def skin pores and leisurely drives through New Hampshire. Plus: we close the show with Seal’s … Continue reading JL210: Morrissey

JL209: #IStandWithRey

Join Luke, Michael, Eoghan, Johnny, Shane and special guests for the bumper-sized new episode of The JL Show. – The Rey Mysterio election campaign is crushed by oppressive forces and we recruit a world-famous TV star to lead our rebellion. – The Muppets come to ABC… and their new show isn’t very good. – This Week In JL History features the 2014 Switzerland trip and … Continue reading JL209: #IStandWithRey

JL208: Furrowed Brow

JL! JL! JL! JL! Join Luke, Eoghan, Michael and Johnny for the two-hundreth-and-eighth edition of the pod, as they analyse our gallery of album art from over the years and reveal the official JL Show 2015/2016 Desk Calendar. Plus: SnapChat adds a Rainbow Vomit feature, Luke’s YouTube channel is terminated and those evil bastards at Disney plan a Mary Poppins remake/sequel that will destroy all joy in the world.
Continue reading JL208: Furrowed Brow

JL206: The Beginning of the End

The JL Show returns, and it’s the Final Season of the pod you just can’t live without! Join Luke, Shane, Johnny, Eoghan, Killian and Sean for a recap of the Summer, the first instalment of “This Week in JL History”, a game of sportsball, the return of Prayer of the Day and news of the death of a former JL Show contributor.

Get the latest episodes at and interact with the hosts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat! Continue reading JL206: The Beginning of the End

JL203: Lucienception

The JL Show is back with the first ever July episode, as Luke and Michael hit Hangouts to talk cows, Ted 2, Siri, birthdays, weird Periscope users and to promote their new professional podcast The 99%. It’s all super good, and definitely not a complete waste of your valuable time. We also wish happy birthday to a bunch of our JL Show friends! Don’t miss it! Yeah! Definitely listen! And subscribe! Continue reading JL203: Lucienception

Talks About Tech Weekly: The Finale

For the first (and last) time ever, Talks About Tech Weekly and The JL Show cross paths for the former podcast’s grand finale. Lucien, Eoghan, Shane and Barra join Michael and Kevin in the TAT studio for a grand celebration of technology, podcasting and spoons.

Don’t forget to catch Lucien and Michael weekly on The 99%, whilst Shane and Eoghan continue to host Reverse Economics. Continue reading Talks About Tech Weekly: The Finale


After 40 months and over 100 hours of podcasting, hosts and contributors past and present unite to celebrate The JL Show’s greatest milestone: our 200th episode! Our longest episode ever, JL200 is packed with exclusive content, unbelievable surprises and some of the funniest audio content you will ever hear. Sit back, relax and enjoy… JL200! Continue reading JL200

JL199: All Pod Leads Here

On the eve of JL200, join the JL Show gang for the final recording of the 2014/2015 season. Michael talks tech news, Piotr talks Marriage Equality and Darragh talks to some of his “cool” friends, while Lucien doesn’t talk at all! Plus: we celebrate Shane’s birthday with cake, and Glen Campbell closes us out with a song. Don’t forget to set your alarms for 5am GMT on Friday: JL200 is coming! Continue reading JL199: All Pod Leads Here

JL196: UK Election Special

As Britain decides its next government and the evil, cackling Conservatives are reinstated in Downing Street, the hosts of The JL Show tackle the biggest election of the year with as much enthusiasm and education as one would expect. Luke, Eoghan, Michael, Shane and special correspondent Ben break down the constituencies and seats, Labour and UKIP’s loss and Dave Cameron’s victory. God help the badgers. Continue reading JL196: UK Election Special

JL194: Filip’s Farewell

In a tear-jerking special edition of The JL Show, we bid a fond farewell to one of the podcast’s founding fathers: foul-mouthed Polish bigot Filip. We laugh and cry, interrogate “Old Fil” on his Marriage Equality stance and Game of Thrones Season 5 viewing and, for a once-in-a-lifetime special treat, close the show with a Coldplay song. Plus: stay tuned at the very end for some Luke and Eoghan After Dark content! Continue reading JL194: Filip’s Farewell

JL192: Avengers Spoiler Special with Chris Townsend

Lucien and Michael are joined by special guest Chris Townsend (aka “Party Guest”) for our Avengers: Age of Ultron spoiler special! Chris tells us about his experience working on the film, and we discuss the past, present and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plus, Lucien and Michael analyze the movie’s biggest easter eggs and twists in detail. Be warned: spoilers are abound! Continue reading JL192: Avengers Spoiler Special with Chris Townsend

JL191: Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

As Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives in cinemas, as possibly the biggest film of all time, Luke sits down to review the film while Michael, Shane, Johnny, Jack and Lawrence attempt desperately to avoid spoilers. Plus, we throwback to our review of the first Avengers film in April 2012, Luke becomes Daredevil on national TV, we discover a stranger hiding in the shadows of G-Spot and Michael gets an important phone call. Continue reading JL191: Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

JL190: Black

It’s more pod for your Tuesday on The JL Show, as we debut our second episode of the day for your listening pleasure! Join Luke, Eoghan, Shane, Michael, Darragh, Killian and more special guests for afternoon antics and discussion of racial slurs, physical violence, political debate and more. Be warned: Michael chose the closing music, and Luke didn’t even bother to listen to it before sticking it on the end of the pod! Continue reading JL190: Black

JL185: Jesus Dies

There’s a new episode of The JL Show. Why? Because it’s your GOD GIVEN RIGHT, GODDAMMIT!
– It’s Easter, so… ummm… Jesus dies.
– Luke and Michael (and Johnny) do The Confrontation. It’s okay.
– More criminal trespassing. We reiterate that we are not involved.
– We flee G-Spot once more. Identities of relevant authorities have been protected.
– We record the rest of the episode on a nice field.
– “GET YOUR ASS DOWN!”. We visit a 1960s Nevada labour camp.
– Luke’s Prague Bridge Riot anecdote.
– Luke and Michael’s secret project.
– Ed Miliband looks like a sloth and talks and Wallace. He’s still Britain’s best hope.
– BBC finally fire Jeremy Clarkson. We read the full report on his sickening behaviour.
– Closing music: “Rock Lobster” by The B-52s. Continue reading JL185: Jesus Dies

JL184: Ascension to Power

Call the police! Assault on G-Spot! It’s a new midweek edition of The JL Show, with dozens of surprise guests joining our regular hosting crew for “experimental podcasting fun”!
– Eoghan makes a new friend: “Hey you! You want d’Slap?”
– Trespassing, hooliganism and more minor criminal offences
– NBC’s The Slap: Luke catches us up
– Glee finale
– Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation looks inferior to Furious 7
– Eoghan sells us some tickets
– Community hits 100 episodes
– Michael and Johnny go on a road trip tomorrow… Killian and David are taking the bus
– Six Degrees of Separation
– John still watches Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Poor guy.
Closing music: “I Lived” (Glee Cast Version) from the final episode of FOX’s Glee Continue reading JL184: Ascension to Power

JL183: Anti Bacteria

A sunny Friday afternoon only means one thing: a bumper-sized new episode of The JL Show featuring Luke, Eoghan, Michael, Shane and- returning to the podcast- Cian!
– The Eclipse: We go blind from staring at the sun; compare photographs.
– Insurance is more important than magic.
– Luke recounts the RAP BATTLE he witnessed today.
– Shane steals the recorder, goes on an adventure
– Cian’s here! We subject him to some G-Spot hazing!
– Michael reviews Anti Bacteria’s album
– Cian reads some new awful poetry
– Glee’s final episode airs tonight. Nobody except Luke cares.
– Is obesity a disability?
– We play Anti Bacteria’s “Cheesy Rock Band Supreme” album in full for the final 13 minutes of the show.
Don’t forget to support us on Patreon, subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher and visit for the best mobile network deals in Ireland! Continue reading JL183: Anti Bacteria

JL180: Tinnitus

Hey hey hey! It’s #JesusLives time on a sunny Friday afternoon… as we stay inside a dark, murky attic space recording a podcast!
– Luke, Eoghan, Michael, Shane, Johnny and Jack are here!
– It’s Friday the 13th… again.
– We reclaim G-Spot following Tuesday’s invasion
– St. Patrick’s Day arrives. We hate parades.
– Eoghan and Jack go on an epic quest to retrieve a lunchbox lid from the inside of a radiator.
– If you miss Talks About Tech, blame Michael’s shitty server provider
– How is “tinnitus” pronounced? Should we take influence from the US or UK on such matters?
– We erect a plaque to commemorate.
– Better Call Saul: We discuss “Five-O” and the declining ratings
– Don’t forget to subscribe to The JL Show on iTunes and Stitcher and support us on Patreon to access exclusive bonus content! Continue reading JL180: Tinnitus

JL177: The Easiest Way To Steal Shoes

Pizza Pizza Pizza! It’s the latest episode of #JesusLives, featuring your forty-third favourite group of bothersome young thugs!
Join Luke, Eoghan, Shane, Eoin and Jack for a rundown of the latest important political stor– LOL! WE TALK ABOUT SEX AND FOOD AND FUN STUFF HAHAHAHAHAHA.
– Michael is too busy being innovative to be on today’s show
– Mother dresses son as Mr Grey; sends him to school
– Shane’s thumb
– Our JesusLives portraits continue…
– Phil Brindolow’s having a bad week. We try to cheer him up.
– Cian’s play approaches; we play our trip
– Furious 7’s great new poster
– The Quiz Where You Answer The Question With The Answer To The Question Before
Don’t forget to support us on Patreon and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher! Continue reading JL177: The Easiest Way To Steal Shoes

JL175: Denim

The 175th episode of The JL Show is here! It’s our Quarter Quell, and you’re goddamn right if you think we forgot to acknowledge it! The regular gang are joined by an illegal number of guests, including Eoin, Jack, Darragh, Killian, Sean, Ciaran and newcomers Jake and James 2 for a fun-filled episode that may be used as criminal evidence during a vandalism trial in a few weeks…. Continue reading “JL175: Denim”

JL172: Nice Ties

What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day? Is it OK to record a podcast with 11 white males? Who was responsible for the armed robbery on Wednesday? Is anybody actually planning to see Fifty Shades of Grey? We answer some (and ask Hillary some) of these questions on the latest bumper-sized episode of The JL Show, featuring Luke, Eoghan, Shane and Michael and special guests Eoin 2, Jack, Darragh, Killian, David, Sean and Luke 2! Continue reading JL172: Nice Ties

JL170: Token Female

It’s a very diverse episode of The JL Show this Friday afternoon as we welcome Pablo (a Mexican) and Shona (a female) into our studio for some “fun banter”. Also joining Luke, Eoghan and Michael are, in a brief cameo, Darragh and his friend Jack.
– Harper Lee announces Go Set A Watchman
– Our first donator: Say Fanta!
– Valentine’s Day: What’s Michael up to?
– Fifty Shades of Grey: What’s Michael’s family up to? Continue reading JL170: Token Female

JL169: Old Scotland Patriots

Special guests Killian, Darragh and Johannes join Luke, Eoghan and Shane for the new episode of The JL Show, talking Super Bowl XLIX, Senator Chuck Grassley’s hilarious tweets, the upcoming Two and a Half Men finale, stupid school suspensions, the new brand of Percy Pig sweets and Cian’s national television appearance. And yes, we acknowledge that it’s Episode 169. Stop being so childish. Continue reading JL169: Old Scotland Patriots

JL168: The Merger

Is the podcast better when there isn’t background noise? Why is the merger really going on? Who is going to win the Super Bowl? How far will Luke go for donations? Why are Millennial spying on us? Find out the life-changing answers to all.. well, some of these questions on the latest “Comedy” episode of the “Comedy” podcast. Luke, Eoghan and Shane are joined by special guests Killian, Darragh and David for an intense half-hour discussion of all the stuff they wanted to discuss. Continue reading JL168: The Merger

JL166: Chaos

Can too many guests spoil the pod? We find out in our most experimental, jam-packed episode ever as no less than 10 youths of varying wit and energy attempt to have their voice heard over 30 painful minutes. Luke, Eoghan, Shane, Michael and Cian are joined by recurring guests Killian, Ciaran and Larry and newcomers Darragh and Sean. Will it make you laugh, or will it give you an unbearable headache? Continue reading JL166: Chaos

JL156: It Smells

Join Luke, Eoghan, Shane, Michael, Cian and special guests for the final recording of 2014 (although there are still 4 episodes to be released before the New Year)! We wear silly hats and Charlie Skinner’s bowtie and discuss all the exciting stuff happening around us in the buildup to the Holidays! Merry Christmas to you all, and make sure to download our new episodes on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, December 27 and New Year’s Eve! Continue reading JL156: It Smells

JL155: FarmerNinja

Christmas comes to The JL Show with a fun-filled new episode!
– Luke returns from London… violated
– Michael is a Professional Music Video Director
– The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
– Luke’s #ManofToday remake ad
– SnapChat Mickil
– Night at the Museum 3 takes over Regent Street. What was Ben Stiller’s last good film?
– Luke makes money off a Jennifer Lawrence song. Who knew?
– We sabotage a Student Council meeting Continue reading JL155: FarmerNinja

JL153: A Glimpse Into The Future

It’s time to put on makeup. It’s time to dress up right. It’s time to download or stream The JL Show tonight! – Cumberbatch is Dr. Strange… OFFICIALLY – Terminator: Genisys trailer reviewed – Krysten Ritter is Jessica Jones. Who cares? – Luke, Eoghan, Shane and Johnny leave messages for their future selves… – Later next week, we’re LIVE FROM LONDON! DOWNLOAD Continue reading JL153: A Glimpse Into The Future

JL136: Not So Cute!

The 136th edition of the show of Jimmy and Luke has entered the webosphere!

-Opening Music: Patience by Take That
-Yogi Bear chases Luke and Eoghan away
-Jason Orange leaves Take That
-Luke reviews Fall Shows: Gotham and more
-Cian and Michael return from Switzerland
-Cian’s political party dies
-The iPhone 6Plus is bendy
Join us soon for Episode 136!

Hosts: Luke, Eoghan, Michael, Cian, Jimmy and Dean Continue reading JL136: Not So Cute!

JL130: Han Of My Dreams

The hosts of the Jimmy and Luke Show are very happy to present into your hands on this warm Friday evening the special gift of a new episode.

-Eoghan wants a nickname
-Luke’s been on Twitter since it started- should he have bought shares?
-Inception noise
-Samsung v Windows Phone: Dawn of Justice
-Fair City at 25
-We play with Bluetooth and Mademoiselle Fifi
-Cian and Michael are going to… Switzerland!

Hosts: Jimmy, Luke, Dean, Cian and Eoghan Continue reading JL130: Han Of My Dreams

JL129: No Nuts No Glory

Jimmy, Luke and Michael are here for the first live episode in over a year!

-Apple unveil the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch
-U2 debut their new album for free on iTunes- Michael reviews it
-Michael discusses USA Network shows- Suits, White Collar
-Luke discusses Bojack Horseman and Under The Dome
-The Nut Job: No Nuts No Glory
-Kenneth’s Donkey Spells
-Mark Wahlberg is a bad brother
-Jimmy and Luke’s Ice Bucket Challenges revisited!

Hosts: Jimmy, Luke and Michael Continue reading JL129: No Nuts No Glory

JL127: F*ck

Join Jimmy, Luke, Dean and Cian for another delightful half-hour serving of The Jimmy and Luke Show!

-Opening: Community Thursday Night Mix by DJ Steve Porter
-Luke compares Dean and The Dean
-Joan Rivers died aged 81. She was an honest woman, so we speak honestly about her
-North by North Korea: Social Networks
-Luke’s birthday is this weekend. He talks about his ScarJo-less Avengers cake.
-The Judge premieres to mixed reviews
-We Are Groot
-Men, Women and Children
-Luke reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Hosts: Jimmy, Luke, Dean and Cian Continue reading JL127: F*ck

JL116: Khalusi

Jimmy and Luke’s 116th episode is here! -Star Wars Episode VII cast announcement! Witness Luke geek out for the first 15 minutes of the show! -Luke is the Khalusi! -This week’s #GameofThrones action -JL Election returns for 2014. Who will you vote for? -Join us this Friday for PODCAST OF THE LONELY MOUNTAIN! LISTEN BELOW OR DOWNLOAD   Continue reading JL116: Khalusi