JL181: Lu Run

Join us as we host a late night Google Hangout for the second Saturday in a row! Beginning with Darragh sitting on a toilet and going downhill from there, this is undoubtedly an episode you won’t want to miss!
– Luke summarises his Irish Film Censorship essay for Darragh and Chloe
– Michael, Eoghan and Shane join the fun
– Shane and Johannes: identical twins
– Custom lower-third graphics!
– We throwback to our first episode with Eoghan’s favourite colour
“I’m not the Hulk. I’M MICHAEL!”
– RIP Second Darragh
– Eoghan and Chloe continue to binge Community
– Sushi
– Benji Stickers reviews Shaun The Sheep
– A brief pop culture quiz
– Our new opening music gives Eoghan a headache
– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Pino Noir
– Luke meets Pablo. What a jerk.
– Luke starts running tomorrow morning. Follow @lu_run on Twitter for updates!


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