Episode List


Episode 1 was deleted
JL2: Cabbage in His Bag
Episode 3
JL4: Soviet Cowboy Film
JL5: Spring Break Special
JL6: No Podcast This Week
JL7: (Really Episode 6 in Disguise)
JL8: The Luke & Mike & Tomato Sauce Show
Jimmy & Luke’s Big Listen for Sport Relief
JL16: Assemble!
JL17: Black Widow/Black Wife
JL18: Titanic and Avatar in 30 Seconds
JL19: A Pointless Game
JL20: The Finale (See you in September!)

JL21: Tell The Grandkids
JL22: Moldplay
JL23: First-Timers
JL24: Three Brazilians
Jimmy and Luke’s 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Spectacular
JL26: iPhone Crazy
JL27: Big White Rock
JL28: Jewels For Taylor
JL29: Switched Off
JL30: Be Afraid, Be A Little Biteen Afriad
JL31: The Election
JL32: Let It Crumble (When He Sings)
JL33: Fire at Lunch
JL34: Breaking Down in Tears
JL35: 32GB of Doo-oo Jesus
JL36: A Royal Bump
JL37: Holidays are Coming!
JL38: Last Day on Earth
JL39: Merry Christmas!
JL40: Review of the Year 2012


JL41: A Misérable Christmas
JL42: Ear Infection
JL43: Best of Year One
JL44: Cuppy Cake Boy
JL45: Pankentines Day
JL46: Stupid Cows
JL47: Battle Commences
JL48: Rock Smashes Scissors
JL49: Pople Rudolph XXV
JL50: Happy Pills
JL51: Sea of Fire
JL52: A Bad Week
JL53: Normally On A Wednesday, Eh
JL54: Drink Up!
JL55: I Am Iron Man
JL56: Bonk Holiday
JL57: Into Darkness 50 Times
JL58: Stathe of the Nation
JL59: How We Saw The Mother
JL60: This is the End of Season 2

JL61: Twerking Bad
JL62: Giraffe Murder
JL63: Movie News 101
JL64: Technology Special
JL65: Fire City
JL66: Ploughs and Cows
JL67: Boom, BOOM, Boom
JL68: The One Who Spoils
JL69: You’d Better Believe It!
JL70: Daddy Today, Uncle Tomorrow
JL71: The Piano Men
JL72: One Two Thee Thor
JL73: The A-Z of Scary Things
JL74: Loki Pokey
JL75: Gravity, Gravity, OMG
JL76: Attacknaphobia
JL77: Dear Editor
JL78: JFKatniss
JL79: Olaf
JL80: Get GetGlue
JL81: Jimmy FM
JL82: Sparrow’s Revenge
JL83: Anchormanagement
JL84: So Many Doorknobs!
JL85: Oh Magnificent Smaug! Your Greatness is Indescribable!
JL86: Merry Christmas!
JL87: Review of the Year 2013

JL88: Toilet Man
JL89: Orlo?
JL90: GoldieLock
JL91: Xtasy
JL92: No Oscar for Isaac
JL93: Beware The Censor Ghost!
JL94: The Vow
JL95: Park Life
JL96: Batman vs Super Bowl
JL97: Walkie & Talkie
JL98: The Last Supper
JL99: Episode One Was Deleted
JL100: Days of Future Podcast


JL101: Blocking The Sink

JL102: Half Birthday

JL103: Chewing Paper

JL104: Flap, You’re Dead!

JL105: S/P/A/M

JL106: Spoiling Lost

JL107: Die Verg Ent

JL108: FlapChat

JL109: The Winter Podcaster

JL110: Blue French Horn

JL111: Game of Spoilers

JL112: Michael! Michael!

JL114: That Easter Episode

JL115: A Glimpse Into The Past

JL116: Khalusi

JL117: The Misty Mountain

JL118: Paint It Yed

JL119: Yearbook

JL120: Camping- Part 1

JL121: Camping- Part 2

JL122: Interesting & Stellar

JL123: Dawn of Future Past

JL124: Nicholas! Cage!

JL125: Glass Half Full

JL126: And We’re Back!

JL127: F*ck

JL128: The Guilty Remnant

JL129: No Nuts No Glory

JL130: Han of My Dreams

JL131: Yes

JL132: A Fault in His Stars

JL133: Switzerland Day One

JL134: Switzerland Day Two

JL135: Switzerland Day Three

JL136: Not So Cute!

JL137: Rabbit Rabbit

JL138: We Broke This One

JL139: Frowning is Prohibited

JL140: Supreme Leader

JL141: Coop Goes Into Space

JL142: The Ebola Czar

JL143: Sponsored by Netflix

JL144: Infinite Civil War

JL145: Interstellar Ebola Sex Tape

JL146: Alright Alright Alright Already

JL147: On Foreign Stars

JL148: The Tooth Dimension

JL149: No Bono

JL150: More Pod For Your Buck

JL151: The Force is Back

JL152: Spectre Gadget

JL153: A Glimpse Into The Future

JL154: Breaking Newsroom

JL155: FarmerNinja

JL156: It Smells

JL157: We Love Christmas Eve

JL158: Merry Christmas 2014!

JL159: Three Wise Men

JL160: Review of the Year 2014

JL161: Bear Dance

JL162: Red Rock Around The Clock

JL163: Boy Hoodwinked

JL164: Everything is Oscar

JL165: Am Jay

JL166: Chaos

JL167: Football

JL168: The Merger

JL169: Old Scotland Patriots

JL170: Token Female

JL171: Community Games

JL172: Nice Ties

JL173: Hangout

JL174: Chivo Incognito

JL175: Denim

JL176: The Shlap

JL177: The Easiest Way To Steal Shoes

JL178: Saturday Night Hangout

JL179: The Fall of G-Spot

JL180: Tinnitus

JL181: Lu Run

JL182: President Rock

JL183: Anti Bacteria

JL184: Ascension to Power

JL185: Jesus Dies

JL186: The Liberal Few

JL187: Hillvetica

JL188: The Perks of Being The Mandarin

JL189: Vin Browne Exclusive

JL190: Black

JL191: Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

JL192: Avengers Spoiler Special with Chris Townsend

JL193:Bull and Bumpkin

JL194: Filip’a Farewell

JL195: Team Stitcher

JL196: UK Election Special

JL197: Double Dole!

JL198: Dean’s Goodbye

JL199: All Pod Leads Here


JL201: Inside The Studio

JL202: Jam

JL203: Lucienception

JL204: Camping… Again

JL205: Shame On You

JL206: The Beginning of the End

JL207: Still Poddin’

JL208: Furrowed Brow

JL209: #IStandWithRey

JL210: Morrissey

JL211: In The Bushes

JL212: Han, Solo

JL213: Aubergine Surprise

JL214: The Jewels Show

JL215: Halloween

JL216: Bus Buddies

JL217: Interstellar Ebola Steve Jobs Spectre Newt Scamander Sex Tape Strikes Back!

JL218: Planets

JL219: Michael’s Women

JL220: Choco Duo

JL221: So Much Life!

JL222: After Dark

JL223: Boom Baby

JL224: The Pod Awakens

JL225: Star Wars

JL226: Merry Christmas 2015

JL227: Review of the Year 2015


JL228: Podcast of the Century

JL229: Bowie

JL230: Person of Skin

JL231: A Day At The Zoo

JL232: January 25th, 2012

JL233: Thugs

JL234: So Many More Doorknobs!

JL235: Massive Election

JL236: Lá Votála

JL237: Gently…

JL238: Black Custard

JL239: The One Where The Pod’s Existence Is Questioned… By A Woman!

JL240: Ireland

JL241: Movie Taco

JL242: Have A Nice Evening

JL243: Insert Title Here

JL244: Silence

JL245: Dazzclassified

JL246: Jesus Lives

JL247: Bangkok Shanegerous

JL248: Closure

JL249: Jimmy and Luke

JL250: Goodbye


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