About the Show

Beginning life on January 25 2012 as The Jimmy and Luke Show and hosted by Luke, Jimmy and Dean for the first several episodes, the podcast was renamed The JL Show in September 2014 and retained that name until it finished in May 2016.

Most episodes were recorded in either C-Spot (a school cafeteria with lots of background noise), but some were hosted in G-Spot (a quiet, dark attic space with nice acoustics) or H-Spot (live on Google Hangouts, broadcasting from our own homes).


JLLukeLucien is the founder and editor of BuzzHub and co-host of The 99% Podcast. He watches a lot of films and television shows. He hates spiders, dogs and circuses (though not specifically clowns) and is passionately non-religious. Luke would like to inform anyone reading this that he single-handedly organised the recording of (almost) every episode, was responsible for all recording equipment and locations, edited every episode, managed the website and social network accounts and payed the hosting and domain fees with his own money. No matter what anyone says, it was his podcast.

JLEoghanEoghan had been hanging around for a while, but in Autumn 2014 he actually started contributing to the podcast and was henceforth a primary co-host. He said he has red hair, but Luke insisted it’s blonde. Using adjectives to describe his personality would be an insult- you’ll have to listen and figure him out for yourself! Eoghan didn’t appear on the final few episodes, due to “personal circumstances” (he and Lu weren’t on speaking terms at the time).

JLShaneShane joined the show in 2013 and was with us ever since. He is good at The Sports, but is also good at The Smarts and is a delightful, cheerful soul. We love Shane. Happy Shane.

jlmichaelMichael hosted Talks About Tech from 2011-2015, and is now co-host (with Lucien) of The 99%. He is also founder of Corrib Digital and an all-round perfect human specimen. He is the owner and driver of the Mikemobile. He was always the first person we turned to on JL for information on music and technology.


JLJohnnyJohnny joined the show in season two as a friend of Jimmy’s, and was consistently an integral part of the team until the very end.

Jimmy was a founding host of podcast who appeared on every episode from January 2012 until September 2014, before becoming an occasional guest and helping us say “Goodbye” with a comeback in May 2016.


JLKillianKillian is a loud, manic musician, rugby player and general amusing person whose contributions to the podcast were quite hilarious indeed. He can be heard on Lu’s new show Daly Weekly later this year.

darragh-clifford-jesuslivesDarragh is even louder than Killian. He hails from Boston, Massachusetts and is “un fana du sport”. He claims he can’t read or write, but his tweets (@DarraghCliffor1) are mostly very well-grammatised. His Twitter bio reads “reading is for chumps – Jesus………………. You can catch flys with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly-Gandi .. Unbuntu”.

AliluLi Lu and Alice were Season 5’s principal Token Females.


And who said we didn’t feature enough women?? Anna didn’t like the podcast very much. We respectfully ignored that.


is a brilliantly eccentric character who can often be found doing impersonations of dead European politicians, reading philosophical poetry and basically doing the same stuff as someone with a feather behind their ear would. He enjoys dogs, but like Luke, he does not believe in gods. He is the sole creator of Soviet Cowboy Film (patent pending) and a multi award-winning Intellectual Student.




Eoin and Jack were some of G-Spot’s card-carrying customers. Eoin was the one who’s probably talking about sex. Jack is far less immature than Eoin.

JLDavidDavid is Killian and Darragh’s friend. In fact, he’s everybody’s friend. David moved away in 2015, and so ended his pod appearances. We still love him.

JLJakeJLSeanJLVitorJake and Sean are, along with Darragh, founding members of the band OG Denim Boylers. Vitor is ethnically diverse.

Jewels lives halfway across the country. But… y’know… she enjoyed the pod from time to time.

Calum is Killian’s friend. Luke and Eoghan met him a few times. Swell fella.


Dean was with the show from the very beginning until May 2015. He is a superb artist and has a passion for Japanese animation and culture. He’s always been good for calling “Bullshit!” when Luke gets something wrong.

Kacper was a cool Polish dude who was mentioned on the show far more often than he actually appeared. He moved away, but remains in contact with one or two of the hosts.

Filip (also Polish) was quite irritating so we made him go away. We brought him back for a once-off appearance in late 2014, and the results were messy. He has now officially left the show.

Tomato Sauce was the winner of a poll to decide who should be kicked off the show, unfortunately, but still drops in occasionally for GUEST APPEARANCES!

Kevin is Michael’s brother, and has appeared on several episodes.

Aran was on one episode. Cool guy.

Sorcha, Pablo, Shona and Conor have all appeared on one or two episodes. Most of them will most likely never be on the show again. Especially Conor, who moved to Canada.

JLJohnJohn plays music real good, often in collaboration with Michael.

JLCiaranCiaran is the self-proclaimed “Mayor of Pleasure Town” and is, for want of any other words, “the life and soul of the party.”

JL-BARRABarra is an old friend of Michael’s. He’s never visited G-Spot or H-Spot, and probably never will.


SpoonSpace Awards 2012: Best Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2013: Podcast of the Year

BuzzHub Awards 2013: Best New Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2013: Best Comedy Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2013: Best Contributor – Cian

BuzzHub Awards 2014: Podcast of the Year

BuzzHub Awards 2014: Best Comedy Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2015: Podcast of the Year

BuzzHub Awards 2015: Best Comedy Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2015: Best Episode – “Switzerland”

BuzzHub Awards 2016: Best Podcast

BuzzHub Awards 2016: Best Comedy Podcasr

BuzzHub Awards 2016: Best Episode “Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoiler Special”


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