JL180: Tinnitus

Hey hey hey! It’s #JesusLives time on a sunny Friday afternoon… as we stay inside a dark, murky attic space recording a podcast!
– Luke, Eoghan, Michael, Shane, Johnny and Jack are here!
– It’s Friday the 13th… again.
– We reclaim G-Spot following Tuesday’s invasion
– St. Patrick’s Day arrives. We hate parades.
– Eoghan and Jack go on an epic quest to retrieve a lunchbox lid from the inside of a radiator.
– If you miss Talks About Tech, blame Michael’s shitty server provider
– How is “tinnitus” pronounced? Should we take influence from the US or UK on such matters?
– We erect a plaque to commemorate.
– Better Call Saul: We discuss “Five-O” and the declining ratings
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