JL201: Inside The Studio

Luke, Michael, Shane and Eoghan are here with the first episode of The JL Show to be recorded in June, and the first to be recorded in a professional podcast studio!
– We’re in Michael’s house
– We perform an exclusive a cappella version of Matty Lincoln’s Melbourne Sound
– Stitcher completes post-production
– A terrific game of Google Feud
– Podcast Musical Chairs
– Shane podcasts from Michael’s couch
– Eurovision recap (two weeks late)
– We discuss the major FIFA corruption scandal
– Michael loves his shades
– Brendan O’Connor hosts his final Saturday Night Show on RTÉ
– Luke briefly reviews Spy, Pitch Perfect 2 and San Andreas
– Michael and Luke debate the merits of The Cat in The Hat
– Movie preview: Rogue Nation, Ted 2 and more
– Stay tuned this week for a new Reverse Economics special and JL202 – both of which have already been recorded, as well as Stitcher The Movie!

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