After 40 months and over 100 hours of podcasting, hosts and contributors past and present unite to celebrate The JL Show’s greatest milestone: our 200th episode! Our longest episode ever, JL200 is packed with exclusive content, unbelievable surprises and some of the funniest audio content you will ever hear. Sit back, relax and enjoy… JL200!

– A special introduction from Our One True Creator
– Luke, Michael, Eoghan and Johnny welcome you to the celebration
– The highlights of our episodes through 2012
– Fluff My Pillows: The Missing Episode – Part 1
– Highlights of some of the other podcasts we’ve hosted over the years
– The highlights of January-May 2013
– So You Think You Know The JL Show: Michael tests our knowledge of the podcast. Luke’s memory of episode titles is frighteningly good
– The highlights of September-December 2013
– A special performance from Muse, Luke and 2009 Luke
– The best bits of last year’s JL100: Days of Future Podcast
– Fluff My Pillows: The Missing Episode – Part 2
– It’s Jimmy’s favourite song: The Horror Ghost!
– January-June 2014 highlights: May the force be ever in your favour
– September-December 2014 highlights: Switzerland, London and Outer Space
– “My Favourite Things”: Why all the rings?
– Fluff My Pillows 2015: The Epic Finale
– Remember the Apodcalypse? Yeah. Neither do we.
– The Lost Podcast: A preview of a missing 2012 episode now available in full to our Patreon subscribers!
– Soviet Cowboy Film
– Luke’s spectacular musical number, celebrating all things JL!
– 2015 Highlights: The rise and fall of G-Spot, Ryan interrupting our Avengers interview and Dean’s farewell
– Jimmy, Luke, Michael, Johnny and Shane reminisce on the incredible JL adventure, and we test Jimmy’s knowledge of the episodes!
– We close the show with the defining JL Show song

Special thanks to Jimmy, Michael, Dean, Johnny, Eoghan, Shane and Cian, and to everybody’s who contributed to The JL Show over the years. We really couldn’t have come all this way without you!


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