JL185: Jesus Dies

There’s a new episode of The JL Show. Why? Because it’s your GOD GIVEN RIGHT, GODDAMMIT!
– It’s Easter, so… ummm… Jesus dies.
– Luke and Michael (and Johnny) do The Confrontation. It’s okay.
– More criminal trespassing. We reiterate that we are not involved.
– We flee G-Spot once more. Identities of relevant authorities have been protected.
– We record the rest of the episode on a nice field.
– “GET YOUR ASS DOWN!”. We visit a 1960s Nevada labour camp.
– Luke’s Prague Bridge Riot anecdote.
– Luke and Michael’s secret project.
– Ed Miliband looks like a sloth and talks and Wallace. He’s still Britain’s best hope.
– BBC finally fire Jeremy Clarkson. We read the full report on his sickening behaviour.
– Closing music: “Rock Lobster” by The B-52s.


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