JL215: Halloween

In the second part of our extended Halloween live special, Luke is joined in JLHQ by Eoghan as they continue podding with special guests Killian, Darragh and Calum. JL215 includes Luke and Killian’s karaoke, the search for cheap custom wristbands, the wisdom of a “poems book” and a moderately offensive quiz. Sounds thrilling, huh? https://ia601504.us.archive.org/28/items/JL215/JL215.mp3 Advertisements Continue reading JL215: Halloween

JL214: The Jewels Show

Luke, Killian, Darragh, Eoghan, Johannes, Shane and more host the first half of an epic two-part Halloween live show. What was Trick-or-Treatin’ like in Darragh’s USA childhood? Why is the French homework so difficult? Who was responsible for Chris Christie’s faulty switches? What negative reviews were published of Interstellar? Is Jewels a real person? Find out the answers to some, if any, of these questions … Continue reading JL214: The Jewels Show