JL176: The Shlap

Express yourself. Be who you want to be. Haters gonna hate. These are all expressions said by morons, and #JesusLives is better than that! Yes, it’s time for the latest episode of The JL Show!
– An epic battle takes place between Luke/Eoghan/Shane/Michael and a gang of thugs attempting to infiltrate G-Spot
– The Casual Vacancy finale
– House of Cards Season 3: Luke gives up, Michael is hooked again
– Eoghan’s birthday vs Furious 7 vs Cian’s play: Hmmmmm…..
– Avengers: Age of Ultron character posters– Shane spots a mishtake
– Snow & Ice: Michael is trapped
– RIP Leonard Nimoy: The only Spock that Luke hasn’t met
– NBC’s The Slap: Is this show actually a thing? Which one is The Slap?
– Last Man on Earth: The most misleading title of the year
– Fun new colour-based game!
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