From the creators of The JL Show and the director of Beware The Horror Ghost, Ebola Czar and Pablo The Mexican Reindeer comes 2015’s most thrilling film! 20 years after the violent murder of his parents, a young man seeks revenge against the mysterious organisation responsible… an organisation who are slowly taking control of the world. Will freedom prevail? Continue reading Stitcher

Assemble Listeners! Jimmy and Luke need your help!

Jimmy and Luke have lost their archive of episodes due to a technical issue, meaning they have no access to old shows to use in montages or rerelease! We want you to upload ANY SHOW RELEASED PRIOR TO EPISODE 41 using the widget below, and everyone you submits shows will receive a personal, exclusive mini-episode all for themselves!  Loading Uploadthingy file upload form… // <![CDATA[ var … Continue reading Assemble Listeners! Jimmy and Luke need your help!

#JANDLELECTION Results Revealed!

The results of the election are in: Ciano- 23.34% James- 23.33% Luke- 23.33% Jubber- 10% Kacpero- 10% Tomato Sauce- 10% Others- 0% Congratulations Ciano on winning by 0.01% to Jimmy and Luke! Luke is the founder of Lunet, producer of The Jimmy and Luke Show and a writer on James is the founder of Funny Gifs and People, co-host and content supervisor of The Jimmy and Luke Show … Continue reading #JANDLELECTION Results Revealed!