Luke’s ‘Day of the Doctor’ Review

dayofthedoctorwhotennantsmithhurtBBC are celebrating their flagship family show’s 50th anniversary by airing a special episode on TV and in cinemas around the world. Could 5 million fans be wrong?

First and foremost, I really don’t like the current incarnation of Doctor Who. As it has always been, it is a children’s programme with adult fans (nothing wrong with that) which, for some reason, is treated like an adult programme. Nobody pretends Harry Potter isn’t for kids, so why Doctor Who? Probably because the writing, acting and character development in the last few seasons of BBC’s long-running sci-fi have been so abominable that older ‘Whovians’ have become more protective, and hence, refuse to allow the show to be labelled.

If you ever needed further proof than what I just said as to why DW is a kids show, you should check out The Day of the Doctor, the comically bad 50th Anniversary special whose makers seemed to think was worth poisoning our cinemas with the weekend of Catching Fire‘s release! Ten minutes of extremely expensive CGI nonsense at the beginning was unable to make up for the Saturday morning cartoon-standard framing device (main characters stand in an art gallery while shit happens in the paintings), the thousands of editing errors and the pathetic attempt at livening things up by bringing in the great Tom Baker for an unnecessary cameo.

Part of the reason they got away with releasing this in cinemas was down to the presence of John Hurt, who barely said anything and looked half asleep. Poor John Hurt, having to appear in this to pay his rent! What other reason could he have? Did he actually expect it to be a WELL-DONE and fitting tribute to the classic series?

The worst part is, I really like BBC’s Sherlock, which shares many writers/showrunners with this. Why is that so well-written, featuring such gripping plots and excellent characters? Because, my friends, it’s made for adults. Not for kids, adults.

If you feel like sitting through 75 minutes (very short for a cinema release) of Saturday morning TV with one of the most irritating leads ever seen (Matt Smith), a hilariously bad token female character (Jenna Louise Coleman), but a few little explosions, The Dat of the Doctor is the TV/Cinema crossover EVENT for you! Otherwise, there’s a little film out this weekend called Catching Fire, and i’ve heard it’s very good! 


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