Everything you wanted to know about Season 3 (but was afraid to ask about)

JimmyandLukeSEASON3ART JimmyandLukeSATURDAY JimmyandLukeTUESDAY

Believe it or not, the new season of TJALS is only two months away, and we are here going to tell you everything you may or may not have wanted to know about it! Above is three different album arts. The first is our General Art, which will display on iTunes etc. The other two are the artwork for our Tuesday and Saturday shows- yes, TWO SHOWS! TJALS will be twice-weekly throughout season 3, and both shows will be different. Tuesday’s show will focus on listener e-mails, games, anecdotes and other fun stuff. Saturday’s show is all about news, both serious and funny, and what important stuff is going on. You’ll be able to easily tell which one your listening to, and in case you don’t like one, you can skip it, as there will be no continuity between Tuesday and Saturday episodes. Only Tuesday and Tuesday, and Sat and Sat. Get it? Good.



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