Film Review: Monsters University


After pleasing the Pooh’s Heffalump Movie target audience with the disappointingly childish Cars II and Brave for the last two Summers, Pixar has come back to what they have always done best, pleasing everyone, with this prequel to their 2001 comedy. The original Monsters is certainly not Pixar’s best film, or even one of their five best films, and for that reason, my expectations for University were extremely low. For this reason, I was pleasantly surprised by what I was offered, and I actually found this film to be just as good as the original. You see, all of Pixar’s best films have one quality that makes them special. Finding Nemo is a heartbreaking family drama, The Incredibles is an action-packed thriller and Wall-E is a life-affirming environmental tragedy. The first Monsters comes close to being the ultimate fun family comedy, but stumbles as it tries to also bring in the story…

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