Film Review: Fast & Furious 6


It’s only May, and Furious 6 (as the director intended it to be called) is already the fourth Dwayne Johnson film released in the US. Then again, how hard can it be to make that many films, when your idea of acting is shouting, walking really really fast and throwing people in the air? That said, Johnson is joyfully fun to watch on screen, and never lets his fans down with his work. He even managed to make G.I. Joe: Retaliation that much better!

The same can be said for the acting skills of pretty much everyone in Furious 6. They shout, they run, they drive, and that’s why we love them. When I say ‘we’, I mean we people who only discovered how enjoyable these films are when we saw Fast Five (2011), the groundbreaking turning point that turned the Fast and Furious franchise into something more than…

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