Film Review: Iron Man 3



Iron Man 3 is the first ever season-specific superhero movie. The whole story is set at Christmas, and popular Christmas songs are played several times throughout the film. I’m unsure as to whether the film was intended for a December 2012 or 2013 release, but it was almost certainly one of the two. Then again, maybe Shane Black just wanted to make another film set at Christmas. Almost all the films written by Black  feature Christmas, along with a hilarious voiceover by the main character. Iron Man 3 is no different, and Robert Downey Jr’s voiceover begins before the red Marvel logo even appears on screen. It’s a wonderfully well-written voiceover, featuring all the usual stutters and corrections we have come to expect and love from Downey’s Tony Stark. Despite these familiar vocal features, Stark is a very different man when the film begins (or, ten minutes in, after a…

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