Film Review: Oblivion


Watching Oblivion, I figured out some stuff that Joseph Kosinski likes to put in his films. That’s to say, the two films he has directed: both major Hollywood ‘tentpole’ science-fiction blockbusters. The first was, of course, 2010’s disappointing Tron: Legacy, the main fault of which was the lack of a major star and the casting of the spectacularly uncharismatic Garret Hedlund in the lead role. Oblivion, luckily, does not follow this fate, thanks to the fact that Tom Cruise, unarguably one of the most charming and charismatic actors working in Hollywood today, is the star (and producer), playing Jack Harper, the last man on Earth, who wanders around fixing drones in a funny suit that looks like what Ted and Barney wore in The Time Travellers episode of How I Met Your Mother. However, he isn’t actually the last man on Earth. Firstly, he is accompanied by…

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