At time of writing, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is probably the biggest flop of 2013 so far, and has sent the future careers of its stars Steve Carell and Jim Carrey into a vortex of uncertainty. Who’s to blame anyone for not going to see it, considering the almost non-existent publicity campaign and the impossibly tedious title (Alan Arkin couldn’t even remember what it was called in a recent interview). The terrible thing is is that it’s not actually that bad. The negative reviews would have you think it’s a terribly unfunny, heartless bag of rubbish, like its recent cousin Identity Thief, but it’s far more than that. Yes, it could be much funnier, especially considering how the long that script has been bouncing around, and all the people who have had the chance to alter it. Yes, all the actors are just doing what they always do and…

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