Jimmy and Luke #21: Tell the Grandkids

The gang are back after their summer holidays, with lots of exciting (and not so exciting) stuff to discuss

-Our new news segment: Dreadlines

-RIP Neil Armstrong, Nora Ephron, Mel Stuart, Tony Scott and Ernest Borgine

-Republican National Convention features evil people Mitt and Paul

-Hurricane Isaac wasn’t toooo bad

-Next up: Sport Support

-Jimmy didn’t bother with the Olympics opening and closing

-Luke was glued to his TV for 16 years

-Archery was popular at Olympics because of Brave and The Hunger Games

-Jimmy, Johnny and Tomato Sauce were at the Paralympics. Johnny looked for a t-shirt so they missed the wheelchair basketball.

-Luke sort of has a seizure

-Luke sat in the garden

-Jimmy’s summer was depressing- at the beginning- he was happy until….

-Film Club: Luke knows lots of stuff about movies

-Bane is on the show

-Kevin didn’t turn up so Deane does the quizzy quiz

-Luke has awesome stories- especially the ‘water pistol’ one! You will tell it to your grandchildren in the future!

-Cian is here! He talks Jeb Bush and metaphysics.

-It’s Luke’s (shizz) birthday on Friday

-We missed Jimmy’s birthday in August

-BuzzHub Podcasts are coming soon- Daleks soon!

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