#JANDLELECTION Results Revealed!

The results of the election are in:

Ciano- 23.34%

James- 23.33%
Luke- 23.33%
Jubber- 10%
Kacpero- 10%
Tomato Sauce- 10%

Others- 0%

Congratulations Ciano on winning by 0.01% to Jimmy and Luke!

Luke is the founder of Lunet, producer of The Jimmy and Luke Show and a writer on Hypable.com

James is the founder of Funny Gifs and People, co-host and content supervisor of The Jimmy and Luke Show and a big fan of Minecraft

Deano is a Minecraft pro, co-host of The Jimmy and Luke Show and has the best ginger biscuits in the whole wide world

Michael is the founder of Talks About Tech and basically the most knowledgable person on the show about phones and operating systems. He also owns lots of cool shizz

Ciano is passionate about politics and world news and has visited many different countries, including Cuba. He likes to grab the microphone and bring it very close to his mouth, before speaking very fast for a very long time. He is player of several instruments including the violin and bongo drums.

Kacpero is from Poland and hasn’t actually appeared on the show that often, but his presence is always with us, wherever he is

Dalo is a Minecraft pro and is usually standing up whilst on the show

Tomato Sauce sings really well and loves Bubblegum flavour drinks

Jubber is an evil master mind

Dobey is good at Irish and French and has a sister. Luke is of the opinion that he looks like Patrick Kielty

Seano dances on the table

Mickey Mouse is the face of Disney

Gomez Selena hosted the 2011 EMAs

Rex the Puppet stars in the Nickelodeon comedy Victorious

Random Pie Eater sells and eats pies


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